My trip to Rome

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What is Rome without the Vatican

and what is Rome without the Coliseum

But what is Rome without the scooters :) .

The whole town is dammed up scooters, of course they are all new, powerful and modern.
So look all intersections on red lights:

I have not seen on the streets of the old model Vespa, but I saw one at the hotel:

Unfortunately I did not ride the bustling streets of Rome on a scooter: (

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Electric Scooters by EMMO

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Canadian brand EMMO with the slogan “green your life” offers excellent scooters run on electricity. Presented by 8 different models. The first and my favorite in a line of scooters is “urban” small and smart urban assistant.

Weighing just 55 kg has a maximum speed 30 km \ h and carrying you on the 60km distance. Be able to charge it in just 3-6 hours.
Other models have a different look and feel very similar characteristics. Where is the main drawback in my opinion are speed not exceeding 30 km \ h.

But in general the use of electro scooter is fully justified in the city where the slogan “green your life” work out at all.

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2012 Scooter Annual ‘Ride To Work Day’

Posted by admin | Events | Posted on June 5th, 2012

I proud to support the 21st annual motorcycle and scooter “Ride to work day”, Monday, June 18. This year, more than one million passengers will take part, demonstrating the positive results of the ride, which include: reducing traffic and parking congestion, reducing commute times, and reduced fuel consumption.

Many of the city administration support for this popular event to the proclamation, and some also do so by providing motorcycle and scooter parking in municipal ramps and metered spaces at no charge during the day. Your city is recommended to join hundreds of other communities, as well as many motorcycle and scooter groups and other organizations that are already on their way to support the work day.

Reasons to encourage motorcycle and scooter commuting include:
1. Motorcycles and scooters share parking spaces, providing more parking for everyone else.
2. Motorcycles and scooters consume less resources than most other options for mobility.
3. Motorcycles and scooters reduce traffic congestion and save travel time.

Participants ride to work day to look for governments, employers and public support to encourage and promote positive social benefits of riding. Proclamation of support and the provision of motorcycle and scooter parking at no charge on the way to work during the day, a great way to encourage useful (and fun) mode of transport.

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Lounge chair by Vespa recycling

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Continuing the theme of recycling an old Vespa, from the back of which have a working station, now known designer has done a good lounge chair.

Let’s wait for what else can be done from our beloved Vespa.

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Work Station

Posted by admin | General | Posted on April 29th, 2012

Old 1968 Vespa Turned Into Work Station for laptop.

Idea by David Giammetta. The donor for this great project was a Vespa 1968 year sprint that was beyond restoration, making it the perfect candidate. This was a more honorable fate than the scrap metal yard. He has tried to retain the traditional characteristics of the classic icon by converting the back half into a functional work station, complete with adjustable laptop stand. So you can ride a Vespa and tweets at the same time :)

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Scooter lifestyle

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Welcome to scooter lifestyle.

It’s my “horse”

Vespa scooter

Vespa 150 by 1988 year LML model with 4 speed gear.

I’m getting a freedom when ride it :)

Well, let’s ride!

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